Physical Therapy Services Provided

ReLive Physical Therapy offers general and specialty services, so that we can serve every patient, no matter what type of physical therapy they need!


Free Injury Screen

Take advantage of our FREE Injury Screening offer. One of our PT's will be able to tell you and show you how we can help get you back to full mobility.


Sports Medicine

With our passionate sports medicine physical therapists, you'll be back in the game and top performance in no time. Call today to learn more. 


Manual Therapy

ReLive's dedicated 1:1 therapy ensures you get manual therapies done thoroughly. Tired of being treated in groups? Call ReLive today!


Certified Hand Therapy

Hand injuries can be a difficult injury area to achieve 100% recovery. However, our certified hand therapists are known for spectacular results.


Vestibular Therapy

Do you suffer from vertigo or dizziness? Did you know that physical therapy can help long and short term? Learn how we can help eliminate vertigo. 


Dry needling

Dry needling is becoming more and more popular for injury and muscle recovery due to immediate relief. See one of our certified dry needling experts today!


Workers’ Compensation

Physical therapy after a work injury is essential for preventing long-term damage. Our therapists will get you recovered and ready for work.


Auto Accidents

Have you been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident? Whiplash, back pain, headaches- ReLive Physical Therapy treats it all! Call us today.  


Aquatic Therapy

Patients love our aquatic therapy! It is easier on your joints and muscles as you get moving again, aquatic therapy is fun and effective! Learn more here. 


Post-surgical Rehabilitation

PT after surgery ensures that you recover fully and get the maximum range of motion. Get better faster with ReLive's post-surgery program. 


Balance & fall prevention

It can be difficult to keep our balance and falls become more common as we age. Check out ReLive's balance and fall prevention program to reduce those risks


Women’s health therapy

We have specialty therapists fluent in women's health therapy, including pelvic floor and other treatment needs. Call ReLive today to find out more!

ReLive Therapy complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, national origin, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status, or source of payment. You will be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect as an individual.